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Dr Mandikos uses many dental materials for the various procedures he performs. Below is a list of some of these materials, current as of 2021.

Composite Resin

Filtek Supreme XTE (3M

Inspiro by Didier Dietschi (from

Harmonize (Kerr)

Bulk Fill Composite Category

3M Filtek One

SonicFill 3

Flowable Composite

Inspiro Flowable

Glass Ionomer Cement

Ketac Fill (3M)


Kerr Optibond FL

3M Scotchbond Universal Plus

Kerr Optibond XTR


3M RelyX Universal
GC Elite Cement Zinc Phosphate

3M RelyX Veneer Cement

3M RelyX Unicem

Mizzy Fleck's Zinc Cement Powder

NX3 Nexus Universal Adhesive Resin Cement

Kerr Tempbond Clear

3M RelyX Temporary Cement

Glycerine (to be used as an oxygen barrier)

Implant Temporary Cement

Premier Implant Cement

Silane and Zirconia Primer

Kuraray Clearfil Ceramic Primer


Ultradent Porcelain Etch

Ultradent Ultra-etch for tooth structure

Provisional Material

Dentsply Integrity

3M Protemp 4

TCA (Trichloroacetic Acid)

TCA Crystals in 25g bottle (David Craig Galenicals) – Purchased from Corinda Day & Night Pharmacy, 661 Oxley Road Corinda or Chemist Warehouse.

TCA is ordered as crystals. Be careful, it is highly corrosive and will burn tissues. Always dispense just a few crystals into a glass or plastic Dappens glass at the begining of the appointment. Leave it for approx 5 mins. It will hydrate from the atmosphere and become a liquid. A fine flat plastic can be dipped into this small amount of liquid, and then wiped into the gingival sulcus.

Always keep some bicarbonate soda handy to neutralise an accidental spill. Also have Vitamin E oil ready to put on tissues that are inadvertently burned. (Easiest to buy Vitamin E capsules and break one open if/as needed)

Impression Material

3M Imprint 4
Medium Body Applications

3M Imprint 4 Light and Heavy Body

Impression Trays

Mouldable Purple Disposable Dentate Tray3M ESPE RelyX Unicem

Plastic Impression Trays
Premium Plus

3-in-1 Tray
Premium Plus


Special Tray Material

SR-Ivolen Powder

SR-Ivolen Liquid

Whip Mix Snap Stone


Ivoclar Sil-Tech "Laboratory putty for Silicone Indeces"

Retraction Cord

Premier Knit-Pak

Premier Traxodent

Bite Registration

Morita PerfectIM Systems
30 Second Blue Velvet

Aluwax (Aluwax Dental Products, Michigan USA)

Wetting Instruments

Ivoclar Vivodent Heliobond (Our “regular” unfilled Bis GMA resin)

Chairside Die Material

Tempspan (Kerr)

Mach-2 Dye Silicone


Kavo Rondoflex 360