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Porcelain Crowns

"Porcelain crown' or 'All-Ceramic crown' is the term that refers to a crown which is made without any metal component in it. These newer, high-strength crowns are very aesthetic, and can compete with the strengths that were only previously possible with porcelain-gold (PFM) crowns. They are indicated in many but not all clinical situations.

At Brisbane Prosthodontics, we use the eMax and Lava all-ceramic systems for our highly aesthetic cases. We work closely with talented Ceramists in local Dental Laboratories, to create beautiful results. 

For more information on our all-ceramic crowns, please have a look at some of the cases under the heading of "Nice Porcelain Crowns"  or the heading of "Why Specialist care? - Perfect Porcelain Crowns"  which appear in the column at left of screen